November 2021:

Today I minted my first NFT. I feel like Paris Hilton. Selling editions of one and playing music I like. NFTs are kinda crazy because people pay so much money for these nonexistent things. I guess they probably got the "money" from mining or buying Ethereum early on. I cannot fathom why someone would pay an equivalent amount of $1m for a video of an anime Paris Hilton...she is can own a digital Paris forever!

To cavort or to gallivant? One is geographically fixed—the other is not. I guess I do both: I gallivant to cavort. I have lost all sense of time and place. To me, the world has become the liminal space. There's no context, just motion. Today, I realized that the sun sets earlier in Palo Alto than it does in NYC. This probably isn't true but the rolling hills seem to block more light even with the wide open skies. It's weird to be zooming around in my Mercedes, when only yesterday I was sitting underground on a noisy and smelly train. Tomorrow? Cavort.

It's been a hot moment. This past weekend was spent preparing for and putting on a pop-up event for Mumu. Alexander Wang came. Laura Letinsky came. I went to the Jewish Museum with Laura today. The exhibition contained so many netsukes. They're so small and detailed—I was impressed. I feel like I can't make anything detailed anymore. Everything comes in swaths or blobs. It's all very crude. We hurried to lunch and shoveled bread, smoked salmon, and salad down our gullets. Then we again hurried to the bus stop to hurry to the MoMA where Laura was meeting her famous friend. I was thought of LA as the city of fame, but clearly fame is much more proximal in NYC.