March 2021:

Instead of selecting options for fancy Mercedes models, I've been kitting out cargo vans on Apparently, climate control is not a standard feature. I can't decide between having the "auto" button or saving $632. My parents never use climate control the way it's intended. My mom sets the AC to "Lo" and then cranks the fan to zero and my dad sets the temp to 80 and turns the fan way up for like 3 mins and then turns it off...there's something called auto...

I finally got vaccinated! What an exciting time to be alive.

Last night I was listening to Contra by Vampire Weekends. Halfway through I realized that the album art on the record cover was not right. Since I bought the LP from eBay I thought that it was just a scammy fake, but it turns out that I had purchased Vampire Weekend by Vampire Weekend instead. So for 2 weeks I just thought that I was listening to Contra without realizing it. Now thinking back, I never did get to hear the titular track. I ordered Contra from Target.