July 2021:

Last night we went to Palette SF and talked to master sommelier Jeremiah. He kinda looked like Ori and knew so much about wine. We also tried some expensive whiskies at the gallery bar next door. Maybe Ori will become a master sommelier...

While getting a massage today, I wondered a masseur would think about...do people just think about what to eat or what to do for fun? Sometimes I drive myself crazy with overanalyzing and criticizing the macroscopic picture. What's next in life? There must be something at the next level right? In high school, I was just herded to work towards this goal of attending an elite college. I did that. Then in college, I needed to be in the "selective" studio track. I did that. I simultaneously worked on a million other things. Now what? Post-college mid-pandemic I am going into a full-blown quarter-life crisis. I don't have a great job...am I supposed to make a million dollars? What am I supposed to do? I just want to think about what to eat.

I just got back from Chicago and I was almost convinced. I think 2021 has kinda been shitty in the Bay Area. Everywhere else seems more fun. Even Chicago. On a more exciting note, my friend just bought her first place in Boystown. We celebrated that and her friend’s fucking a co-worker by going to the local watering hole. Almost didn’t make it to the airport per usual. I watched never have I ever s2 on my flight back. So cringe. She literally makes the wrong decision every time. I don’t think I could be that idiotic even if I tried. One hood thing about the show was that I distracted myself from my hunger so I only ate the mini bag of pretzels and the mini water. Which reminds me, I saw the Paris Hilton meme ad for nano water. Almost a jen an smartwater which is now repped by gal gadot. I’ve since switched to gerolsteiner.