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Jan 2023:

I am up at 2am with not enough brain power to complete the tasks I need to complete, so I decided to worm. I have a show coming up on Friday, and I still don't know how to display the works. Seems like I like to wait till the last moment to problem solve. I think my best ideas come at a time of great stress—perhaps I want my ideas to fail only to say I didn't give it my all because I was pressed for time.

I went skiing with Tyler at Deer Valley. We stayed at the Sheraton in Park City and ate at Boneyard Saloon for 3 of the 4 nights. The night we didn't eat there, we ordered bad Chinese food on Uber Eats. Tyler said he wanted the kung pao chicken, but it came in a goopy sauce. I wanted the beef & broccoli, but there was no broccoli in my plastic box. Later, T realized he had ordered the Mongolian beef. I wouldn't call it Mongolian beef. I think his brain was scattered from the bottle of sparkling rosé we were drinking. A girl at the nearby table asked if she could have our soy sauce because she had ordered fried rice and needed soy sauce...

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