December 2021:

I dabbled in poetry today. I'm a dabbler. But I also returned to painting. I thought I forgot how to draw but my sketches on the canvases looked real enough to me. Maybe it's like riding a bike: you just do it cuz you have to. I also met up with Nitya for coffee. She's off doing a PhD at MIT. I think I'm convinced on doing a masters instead of a phd. I can't spend another 6-8 years in school.

It only took me a month to write the post I just made on The Geoffrey. It only took me 3 years to muster up enough energy to edit photos and write. I wonder how much longer I need to wait before I've saved up enough energy to make art. I told Laura that everything is just a hoax and she said that's why she's ambivalent. There's only 4 days left in this year. Next year, I need botox.

Yesterday, Chris and I planned an impromptu day trip to Tahoe. Today we did it. Now we are back in Cupertino with sore legs and full hearts. Shoop Shoop!