August 2021:

My birthday is this month. My quarter centennial is approaching. While driving today I realized that life has lost its color. Sometimes I feel like I'm just walking through it without doing much. Vanilla: from the outside, people always tell me WOW! you completed 3 majors at UChicago nonetheless—you started a cool business—you're working on so many art projects. I can tell you from the inside that it very much is a scam. It all boils down to feelings, doesn't it? If it doesn't feel real to me, is it real? I always struggle with the issue of 'reality.' Is the image the reality, is the taste the reality, or is the belief the true reality? A typical ontological problem. Truth is subjective. Right now, my truth is that I'm moving through life making gestures without leaving marks. I'm not even an image-maker anymore. Happy 25th to me.