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April 2022:

What a crazy month...Reed left and now I'm scrambling to get a job and also planning for my exhibition in Europe. It's always a last minute plan but thank god for Chris and his brilliant mind. Let's hope for the best!

March 2022:

Just as things seem to be falling apart, life picks up its pace. I gave myself the goal of finding a job by the end of this trip, but that seems more and more unlikely as I level up in Dominion. It's like I'm getting better in the meta verse but worse in the real verse. Reed and Carlos will be here soon to pick me up for lunch. I wonder what we'll eat...

February 2022:

Sipping an old fashioned at 11:39am...

Today, I brushed my tooth with a "pure" flavored tooth suds bar. It tasted a bit salty. It was not quite unpleasant but also not quite pleasant. I think I'm going to create an eco-conscious low-waste cog brand next. Who knows? Maybe I'll be a 'goods' tycoon. This reminds me that I would bring a beat up Asus laptop to fun day in fourth grade. My friends and I would play rollercoaster tycoon on it all day. We would also dig a hole to make a pond.

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